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12W COB LED Down Light-YLF08

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Type:12W COB LED Down Light-YLF08
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12W COB LED Down Light-YLF08 Specification:

* Power:12W

* Leds: Bridgelux COB  

* Material: Aluminium                                              

* Luminous Flux(lm):1080 lm±100

* Input Voltage(V AC): 85-265V

* Color Temperature: 2800-6500K

* Beam angle: 90 degrees

* Lifespan: ≥50,000 hrs

* Size: Ф146*110mm, Hole size: 125mm                  

* CRI:≥78                              

* Power factor:≥95%

* Quality warranty: 3 years


12W LED Down Light are used to replace the traditional lamp, and widely applied in Commercial Lighting and Home Lighting, Store, Display window, Exhibition halls, House, villa, airport, Shopping Mall, School, Hospital, Factory , Military Base, Exhibition Center, Decoration, Hall, Hotel, Office, garden, Showcase, Square, Gymnasiums, Lawns, Meeting room, Recreation and so on.

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