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YALED tells you to choose good LED products

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We all know that the current price of LED lamps are expensive, many factors will affect the price of LED energy-saving lamps. YALED summarizes some of the following optional precautions on LED lamps. We need to consider as below,

For LED lamps we are not very strange! Even if you did not use any of the LED energy-saving lamps at home, but the street storefront in a variety of lighting should be seen in its presence! In related news, it is no wonder that LED energy-saving lamps, low-carbon, environmentally friendly and energy-saving advantages are world famous. it's appearance and development in future will become a necessity of our life!

First, consider the LED energy saving lamp life. General LED energy-saving lamp life is relatively long, the decisive factor is the life of the light fades, the light fades determines whether the LED's life, generally the better the light fades now available price is higher!

Secondly, considering the brightness of LED energy-saving lamps. Different according to the brightness of LED lights on the market price is different, but one thing is the same, that is to be used for LED lamps LED Laser class must meet a standard, there is an LED antistatic greater than 700V in order to become lamps, while the stronger of the LED antistatic relatively higher price!

Third, consider the LED energy saving lamp light color. LED energy saving lamp same wavelength, then the resulting light color will be more consistent with the higher its price will be relatively few. But now, with the level of development of China's science and technology more and more international, many domestic LED production levels are more international, as well as the use of LED range is quite wide, and now not only used in the lighting field, many high-end technology products also will be used to LED!

Finally,consider the use of energy-saving lamps LED chips. Determine the price of LED lamps as well as its chips factors. Different chip LED energy-saving lamps will be a great price difference, now generally appearing in the market, the chip LED lamps produced in the United States or Japan are relatively more expensive than domestic production!

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